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Dates Scheduled for 2017-2018 Trip
Dates have been selected for this year's Footsteps of Saint Benedict Pilgrimage. They are:  December 26, 2017 through January 7, 2018. Contact our Vocation Office now!

Footsteps of Saint Benedict Pilgrimage
The Footsteps pilgrimage is a spiritual journey for young single Catholic men (ages 18-35) who are open to exploring a religious vocation. By prayerfully visiting the holy sites of Saint Benedict’s life, one will be able to experience the origins of Benedictine Monasticism at its roots. No doubt, this experience will play a vital role in one’s vocation discernment.

"Going on the Footsteps of Saint Benedict tour was an experience of a lifetime. At the time I was greatly considering being a Dominican, but always had a great appreciation for Benedictine monasticism.

"Having been on this trip, I came to greatly appreciate the life of Saint Benedict and the way of life he lays out in his Rule. In this trip, having the opportunity to visit Norcia, Subiaco and Monte Cassino, as well as the Benedictine sites in Rome really helped me to envision his life story as I had come to know it.

"The added benefit of being able to stay at Sant' Anselmo and pray on occasion with the monks there, as well as the monks at other places was great. I also enjoyed seeing other sites in Rome and being able to participate in Solemn Vespers of New Years Eve and Mass the following morning with the Pope. Overall, I would say that the trip was a great influence on my discernment in helping me to see the wider Church, and, little did I know then, becoming a monk.

"Of all the men who were on my trip, three of us joined the Abbey, one is a diocesan and another is married and the others I am not sure about, but I know for sure we all gained from this most unique and awesome experience though we have followed different paths. Of course one should never turn down the opportunity to enjoy excellent food and wine either.

Father Isaac Haywiser, O.S.B.
Saint Vincent Archabbey"

Tentative Schedule:
Tentative Schedule includes: Daily Mass, Liturgy of the Hours, and two meals at our residence in Rome, Sant Anselmo, the International Benedictine House of Studies.


Tentative Schedule

* Leave from your most convenient airport for Rome.
* Meals and Prayer at Sant' Anselmo and free time in Rome.
Free day until Solemn Vespers with Pope Francis in Saint Peter's Basilica.
* Mass with the Holy Father for the Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God.
* Visit Norcia, birthplace of Saint Benedict and his twin sister, Saint Scholastica.
Free day in Rome (Tour churches in Rome, Roman Forum, Circus Maximus, Coliseum)
* Visit Subiaco Abbey, location of Saint Benedict’s cave and first monastery
* Visit Monte Cassino, Benedict’s famous Abbey where he wrote his Holy Rule
* Return to U.S.A.


Cost & Registration:

$499 fee + purchase of your own lowest cost airfare. This fee will cover room, two meals a day, and all travel costs in Italy.

Space is very limited. Do not buy your airline ticket until you register with Father Maximilian Maxwell, O.S.B. and send a $100 deposit.

Make checks out to Saint Vincent Archabbey.

If the cost of the trip is preventing you from considering the pilgrimage, ask Father Maximilian about a Scholarship of $700.


Father Maximilian Maxwell, O.S.B.
Saint Vincent Archabbey Vocation Office
300 Fraser Purchase Road
Latrobe, PA 15650 


 Testimonies from Previous Pilgrims

Brother Canice
o I began discerning a Vocation to Religious life during my junior year of college. Although I had done much reading about Benedictine monasticism and had made multiple visits to St. Vincent Archabbey, I was still incredibly hesitant about applying to the monastery. Going on the Pilgrimage to Rome for the Footsteps of Saint Benedict gave me the assurance that I was looking for. By seeing with my own eyes the historical sites on which St. Benedict left his mark, my understanding of monastic life became “alive.” And as I took time to pray at these holy sites, I began to feel a deep connection to a way of life that leads to eternal happiness, a way of life that has endured the trials of the past, flourishes now, and will continue to lead to salvation.

Brother Lawrence

o In 2012 I went on the Footsteps of Saint Benedict pilgrimage to Rome to visit all of the places significant to the life of Saint Benedict. Visiting Benedict’s holy places, and being in the company of other discerning men, helped me see my vocation as a charism that spans centuries and continents. During the pilgrimage I felt the grace of being invited into a great and beautiful tradition. Moreover, Saint Benedict himself became for me much more of a personal father rather than a distant historical figure. I prayed where he prayed. As I looked upon the very buildings, cliffs, hills and skies on which Benedict himself gazed, I could hear the bells of the ancient monasteries still tolling the sacred hours; the voice of God summoning me to prayer with my brothers.

Saint Vincent Archabbey Vocations
300 Fraser-Purchase Rd.
Latrobe, PA 15650